As intensive care specialists, our primary responsibility is to provide safe, appropriate, high quality care and comfort to all Alfred patients with any form of critical illness and to support those that care for them.

Clinical care

Our aim is to provide best possible patient outcomes through the practice of excellent, evidence-based, compassionate and consistent team-oriented intensive care medicine. In every situation, the wishes of the patient and the hopes of those around them will be balanced with the likelihood of success and suffering. Our practice will include dignified end-of-life care if treatment becomes futile.


To keep our patients and their relatives well-informed. To communicate effectively with our colleagues and other hospital staff.


To build positive relationships within and outside our department. To support our colleagues in our clinical and academic pursuits so that we can attract, inspire, and nurture diverse and committed staff who wish to continually improve their skills and knowledge.


To facilitate critical care teaching of all intensive care and hospital staff. We wish the Alfred to be the premier place for Intensive Care training in Australia.


To maintain the Alfred Intensive Care as an international centre of excellence in research. To encourage and support a broad range of research activities. To present regularly at critical care conferences nationally and internationally.


To deliver best-practice, cost-effective, responsible intensive care with wise management of human and material resources.

Quality Assurance

To continually improve our performance by regular review of all aspects of service so that we change our strategies if required. To set both long and short-term goals on an annual basis which we strive to accomplish by working together.


To apply the following values to all aspects of our work: compassion, honesty, commitment, respect of personal beliefs and differences. To remain open-minded to new ideas and approaches.