With our diverse patient population the Alfred ICU is an exciting place to further your nursing career.  With the support of our Clinical Educator team, working here in our ICU will be one of the most rewarding learning experiences you could have.


Alfred ICU offers an extensive orientation program for new staff, catering for both the general registered nurse (GRN) and the Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN).
Our orientation program has been designed with you in mind to ensure that you feel supported during your transition into the unit.  



The preceptorship program will enable you to become familiar with our unit and staff.  During this time you will be buddied with another nurse who will guide and support you through your transition.  Whilst buddied you will become familiar with shift routines, daily procedures, safety checks and documentation.  Throughout this time you will be constantly supported by your preceptor and clinical educators. By the end of your supernumerary time you will be able to care for a stable critical care patient.  In the following weeks your preceptor will be caring for a different patient in a neighboring cubicle.  It is important just to take time to practice skills, ask lots of questions and begin to meet some of the members of the intensive care team. 


BASIC (Basic Assessment and Support in Intensive Care Course)  for Nurses

As a General Registered Nurse, you will also attend study days entitled BASIC for nurses.  BASIC for Nurses is a two day intensive, educational course providing you with the skills to care for a stable critically ill patient.


Post Graduate Studies

In conjunction with La Trobe University and Deakin University, the Alfred ICU offers post graduate studies in Masters of Nursing (Intensive Care).  
Click here to find out more about post graduate study with La Trobe University.


Continuing Education Days

The ICU offers a number of educational days which help to foster your learning and development.  The aim of these days is to help you develop the technical and non technical skills to be able to care for the patient population that we have here at the Alfred.  Our Clinical Educators with the help of our Clinical Nurse Specialists teach a wide range of topics including:
•    ECMO
•    VAD
•    Cardiothoraccic
•    Burns
•    Trauma
•    Respiratory
•    Renal
•    Competency Study Day
•    Organ & Tissue Donation
Along with the various days provided staff have the opportunity to attend many other internal and external courses/conferences throughout the year.

Special Interest Groups

Our nurses are engaged in making a difference to the way that we care for our patients.   Special interest groups (SIGs) consist of like-minded staff  who are passionate about improving the way we care for our patients.  Members within the SIGs meet on a regular basis to review current practices undertake various projects and provide support and guidance to staff caring for a certain patient population.
Some areas in which our nursing staff are engaged are:
Burns, Trauma, Renal, Communication, ECLS, VAD, Cardiothoracic Group, Respiratory, Haematology, Waste management, Medication, Falls and Behaviors of Concern, Pressure Injury Prevention, Organ & Tissue Donation.