The new 45 cubicle Intensive Care Unit was opened by the Minister of Health, Mr Daniel Andrews on 19th November 2008.

The innovative design of the new Intensive Care Unit involves

  • Evidence-based design principles incorporating World's best-practice. These address
    • Human behaviour
    • Staff & patient well-being
    • Indoor environment quality
    • Patient safety
  • Some of the innovations include
    • Roof-lanterns which will provide natural light to all beds
    •  I-glass which in its normal form is clear and transparent but when an electric current is passed through it, becomes opaque. In this way we can maintain an open and light environment and still provide privacy to patients when required.
    • 100% fresh air. There will be no recirculation of air in the new ICU. This will help prevent 'sick building syndrome'.

The New ICU will have 45 cubicles including 4 isolation cubicles.

New ICU Helipad

The Alfred top View for the new Intensive Care Unit

New ICU Side View

The Alfred Side View for the new Intensive Care Unit

Download the New ICU floor plan (224kb PDF)

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