Dr Owen Roodenburg, deputy director ICU, head of Trauma ICU graduated with “Professional Certificate in Health Systems Management” on 30 November 2011.

The Victorian Department of Health, Redesigning Hospital Care Program has partnered with The University of Melbourne to offer a customised program in health systems management to Victorian health service managers.

This innovative program included the key topics of :

  • Systems management, comprising the design, conduct and the improvement of the processes and systems of a health organisation.
  • Overview of the ’laws of operations management’, including quality management, process analysis and redesign, business process change.
  • Assessment of ‘operational excellence’ and ‘managerial excellence’ in health systems.
  • Core principles of the world’s best operations, and business improvement strategies.
  • Key themes in managing behaviour, culture, leadership and change management in health systems.
  • Teamwork, communication, leadership and motivation.
  • Planning, goal setting and performance management.
  • Case studies of organisational revitalisations.

The program is part of a formal degree program of The University of Melbourne and involved a total of five days of classes in an intensive mode of discussions and workshops.

The course is designed for health service executives, redesign leads, quality managers, senior managers and clinicians wanting a formal qualification in health systems management.

Dr Owen Roodenburg, deputy director ICU, head of Trauma ICU receiving the  “Professional Certificate in Health Systems Management”

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