Sharon Hade is the new Nurse Unit Manager.

There are now 3 clinical nurse unit managers reporting to her and they are:

Anna Scionti: Workforce and Education

Jill Boyle: Quality and Risk, and

Nic Lukauskas: Hyperbaric

TheUnit has had a major restructure, partly in response to a survey carried out amongst the nursing staff to which more than 150 responses were received, as well as 19 pages of free text.

Changes include:

  • permanent rostering to a pod
  • rotations through pods for periods of 3 months at a time for those rotating
  • new position descriptions for ANUMs and Clinical Educators, including pod rotations
  • appointments to non-filled positions
  • new rosters for clinical educators which include week-ends and nights
  • appointment of clinical nurse consultants, one per pod
  • ability for students and new staff to do 12 hour shifts
  • ability to do permanent nights
  • appointment of clerical support to nurse managers

And for those who have dedicated more than 20 years to the Unit,  no need to do nights as long as do a minimum of 2 shifts per week and contribute to Unit via Special interest groups, etc

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