The Alfred ICU is delighted to announce that Prof Jamie Cooper, Deputy Director ICU and Head of ICU Research,  has, for the third time, been awarded an NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship for 5 years.
The Practitioner Fellowships Final Peer Review Panel commended him for his work in 3 criteria:criteria 1: vision, intellectual leadership, contributions in both research and research translation criteria 2: quality of research output, achievements in translation of research into improved clinical practice or policy development, success in obtaining grants and National and International Profile criteria 3: research supervision and mentoring and activities which facilitate implementation of research outcomes by other practitioners.

Prof Cooper, who has obtained 7 NHMRC grants and published almost 40 papers in the past 3 years, was one of 19 Practitioner Fellowships awarded, and one of  3  from The Alfred/Monash University.We also congratulate Prof Paul Myles (Director Anaesthesia & preoperative Medicine) and Prof Sharon Lewin (Director Infectious Diseases), two Alfred colleagues from disciplines with whom we often work.

Prof Rinaldo Bellomo, the Director of Intensive Care Research and a Staff Specialist in Intensive Care, a colleague from the Austin with whom we often collaborate, was also successful in being awarded an NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship.

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