Carol Hodgson has just returned from the American Thoracic Society (ATS) Conference in Philadelphia, USA which she attended using her SPHPM Travel grant. Carol was an invited speaker on both the TEAM (Early mobilisation in intensive care study in ANZ) study aswell as the American Thoracic Society consensus panel to develop practice guidelines for mechanical ventilation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (the only representative from Australasia).

TEAM is a program of research to evaluate the effect of early mobilisation in ICU to assess functional recovery and patient-centred outcomes of ICU survivors.

This includes (1) reviews and systematic reviews, (2) a multi-centre observational study to define standard care funded by the Intensive Care Foundation and endorsed by the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group. The pilot RCT is the third component of the TEAM program and its objective is to determine if a phase III RCT of early mobilisation is feasible in ICUs in Australia and New Zealand. The Alfred is the lead site in Australia and New Zealand and the study will commence in July 2013. 

Carol is also the Co-Chair of the PHARLAP study investigating open lung ventilation in patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. The Alfred is also the lead site for this multi-centre Phase IIB RCT  which is funded by the NHMRC, New Zealand HRC and The Alfred. Study enrolment has commenced and will continue until 2015.

Carol's other main interest is in the long term outcomes of ICU survivors and has published on the long term outcomes of the ECMO survivors from the Alfred. In this study Carol found that this ARDS cohort had a high survival rate (88%) after use of ECMO support for refractory hypoxemia. Long term survivors had similar physical and mental health but decreased vitality and social function compared to other ARDS survivors and an unexpectedly poor return to work. This work has led to further research in this area, including the outcomes of ECMO survivors on functional, emotional and PTSD outcomes.

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