On Monday August 5, 2013, The Alfred hosted a thank-you function for the winner of the number plate auction recently held on air by 3aw.

It was attended by the Premier, the Hon. Dr Denis Napthine, the  Minister  for Health , the Hon David Davis, the CEO of Vic Roads and the Director Registration, Licensing Practice.

Standards, Neil Mitchell from 3aw, and a media contingent as well as David, the winner, and his family. 

They were welcomed by Andrew Way and Andrew Stripp.  The money raised will be used to replace some of the ICU's fleet of bronchoscopes with new state of the art equipment.

The Premier provided background to the 3aw number plate auction, the importance of road safety and effective trauma response.  Neil Mitchell  spoke about the ‘on air’ auction experience and the importance of investing in road safety. An audio tape of the auction was then played.

Following the presentation of the new license plates to David by the Premier, Dr Steve Philpot demonstrated the use of a bronchoscope, including removing a foreign body from the airway of the simulation mannequin. 

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