The Alfred ICU team welcomes four new consultants.

They are Irma Bilgrami, Joshua Ihle, Paul Nixon and Richard Lin.

They replace Miles Beeny, Asim Shah, Andrew Davies and Lisen Hockings , who is now in Papworth, refining her skills in Transplantation, cardiothoracic surgery and ECMO.

Irma has previous experience in organising crisis resource management (CRM) courses and is obtaining a formal qualification in this.  She also has a particular interest in education and is studying for the Graduate certificate in Clinical teaching at Melbourne University. She is a co-ordinator of the Junior medical Staff Education Program, has introduced the weekly 5 minutes of education simultaneously run in each pod, organises the BASIC course, and is a member of the management committee for the CRM and Consultant Intensivist Transition (CIT) Courses.  She is also an ALS instructor, has basic accreditation in echocardiography and is fully accredited in ECMO.

Josh is a member of the ICU echocardiography team and has advanced accreditation in both trans-thoracic (TTE) and trans-oesophageal (TOE) echocardiography.  He is currently enrolled in the Diagnostic Diploma in Ultrasound (DDU-Critical care).  He is also fully accredited in ECMO, an ALS instructor and a member of the Organ and Tissue Donation Clinical Team.


Paul is a student in the Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education at Monash University, fully accredited in ECMO, an ALS instructor and has basic accreditation in echocardiography.  He is on the steering committees for the ALS, Haemodynamic Evaluation and Related Therapies, Advanced Mechanical Ventilation, Ventilation Waveforms and bronchoscopy courses.

Richard is also an Emergency physician, is an ALS instructor and will become the ALS course co-ordinator, has advanced TTE and basic TOE accreditation, and is fully accredited in ECMO. He is also enrolled in the DDU-Critical care.


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