Alfred ICU website has now been in operation for almost 4 years, having been launched on December 15, 2010.

It has had 152,646 hits to date, with 66% being new and 34% being return visitors.
They have come from 179 countries, with 9 countries ( Aus, USA, UK, NZ, India, HK, Canada, Singapore, Ireland) having had more than 1000 hits.

The site is currently averaging 1000 hits per week. It has recently been upgraded again.

It now has direct links to the INTENSIVE blog, an educational website for doctors and other health professionals training in and practicing intensive care medicine. INTENSIVE is provided by intensivists and trainees from The Alfred ICU in Melbourne, Australia. This blog publishes support materials and resources for The Alfred ICU medical education programme. The Alfred Intensive Care Unit is committed to furthering the breadth of knowledge of its staff and health professionals working elsewhere. The blog has had 61,000 hits in the 5 months since it was launched from 117 countries.

The Alfred ICU website also now incorporates a section on “Our Performance” which details how we perform on our Key Performance Indicators, and a section on “Awards”, the ICU having won 19 awards in the last 3 years (2011-14)

It continues to feature a “news” section which highlights many of the day to day events and achievements of the department and the individuals who work within it.







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