The Alfred Intensive Care Unit (ICU) waiting room ipad application, is designed to:

  • prepare a patient’s loved one for what to expect in the ICU
  • provide information about the ICU, its staffing, ICU procedures and therapies
  • provide information 24 hours a day in an easily accessible, user friendly, interactive and innovative way, allowing users to determine what information they read, when they read it, and to revisit the information as many times as needed.

To the best of our knowledge, this innovative and interactive iPad communication tool for patients and their families is the first of its kind in Australia.

There is an  initial ‘mandatory’ page which displays a short introductory video introducing the user to the intensive care unit, explaining, in plain language, what it means to be critically unwell and providing a virtual video tour of the unit and what to expect when entering a cubicle, including some of the noises.

The user is then free to navigate through over 100 pages, many of which can be printed wirelessly within the waiting room, such as nearby accommodation, public transport and eateries, with maps highlighting the location and contact details

A significant innovation is a “Procedures and Therapies” section describing all common ICU interventions and their risks and a consent form covering ICU procedures for the next of kin to sign if the patient is unable.  Obtaining consent before common ICU procedures is not standard practice anywhere else in Australia.
Via real time links to the roster, the user is informed which Intensivist is caring for their loved one by simply selecting the patient’s bed number.  The application also contains a photo and brief biography for each Intensivist and it enables requests for a family meeting to be relayed to the relevant Intensivist via SMS or e-mail.

During development, workshops were conducted with family members to address the type of information, that if provided early, would help them prepare for the ICU environment.  A working group of medical, nursing and allied health professionals, developed and refined the content and met regularly with "Small Studio”, the external digital production company commissioned to develop the application. Evaluations by hospital staff and patients and their families that had previously been in ICU further refined the application.

This process took 5 months.

Analytics informing us of the most visited pages and a questionnaire embedded within the application for direct feedback inform us in continuously improving the application to focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

We are proud of our development and considered it worthy of submitting for an Australian Mobile & App Design Award.

Over the last few weeks, our app was initially shortlisted, then passed the next round to become a finalist and at an award ceremony in Sydney on 20/8/2014, The Alfred Intensive Care Unit (ICU) waiting room ipad application was announced a winner  the Australian Mobile & App Design Awards

The Australian Mobile & App Design Awards is the founding program in design100 Digital Design Awards. Celebrating creativity, courage and innovation in mobile and App Design achievements by both creators and commissioners, the awards provide a unique opportunity for all sectors of the industry to participate across an extensive range of entry categories and achieve marketplace recognition. - See more here

Design100 provides a platform of award programs across three continents. Their mission is "to celebrate the courage of those who commission design and those who create it. design100 provides a collaborative platform of award programs, supported by the world’s most creative minds and organisations, to accelerate the transformation to a design-led marketplace. One that understands that tomorrow is the result of yesterday’s courage.”




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