Despite increasing numbers of blood cultures being taken compared to previous years, the CLABSI rate has been zero for 5 months now.

In 2013, a total of 2761 blood cultures were taken. The number is likely to stay about the same in 2014

Our most recent 6 monthly review of our microbiology in the department and antibiotic sensitivities showed:
  • Gram positive blood cultures were stable (18) and mostly sensitive. The last MRSA bacteraemia was on 31/12/2010.  This year we have had 4, but 3 of these were transferred in from other hospitals.
  • VRE have increased to 6, with 4 of these occurring in haematology, burns, and transplant patients
  • Gram negative blood cultures (22) remained stable in number and with minimal meropenem and ciprofloxacin resistance.
  • There were 11 candida septicaemias, less than in the preceding 3 years. We had the second fluconazole resistant candida in 10 years. 

On the basis of these results, only minor alteration to our protocols has been required and this has been to fine tune the prescribing of prophylactic use of fluconazole in high risk patients.

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