McGloughlinIconNew research to fight lethal bugs

INFECTIONS resistant to all forms of antibiotics could spread to Australia.

A new Victorian research project hopes to shed light on pandrug resistant infections (PDR) in a bid to better understand the extent of the problem.

The Alfred hospital's intensivecare and infectious disease specialist Dr Steve McGloughlin said despite the threat they posed, little was known about PDR.

Unlike normal superbugs that are resistant to several antibiotics, these infections have no treatment, making them especially dangerous, particularly to patients in intensive-care units.

By collaborating with Australian and Asian intensive- care experts, it is hoped the new project will better understand where the infections occur, how common they are, what treatments have been trialled and patient outcomes.

Dr McGloughlin said the aim was to better understand PDR so that steps could be put in place to improve patient care. He said it was believed to be the largest study of its kind and could lead to new ways to combat the infections.
The project got a $34,000 grant from the IntensiveCare Foundation.

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