DonateLife1On Tuesday, 28th July, the Alfred hospital was the site of the national launch of DonateLife week.  The hospital was chosen for this honour after a very successful 2014, which saw the Alfred recognise more donors than any other hospital throughout Australia and New Zealand, and more donors than any other year in its history.  It is already well on track to set a new benchmark in 2015.

The federal Health Minister, Fiona Nash, along with DonateLife CEO Yael Cass and DonateLife National Medical Director Dr Helen Opdam, toured the Alfred hospital Intensive Care Unit before a ceremony in which two sisters of a recent organ donor reflected upon the life of their brother as well as their experiences with organ donation.

The theme of this year's DonateLife week is:
"If you'd say yes to a life-saving transplant, have you said yes to becoming an organ and tissue donor?"

Visit Donate Life for more information about Organ and Tissue donation, and about DonateLife week 2015 #sayYESsavelives #havethechat

Below are links to the media coverage of the event.

Seven - News (28/07/2015 18:32)
Families involved in giving and receiving lifesaving organs join forces to encourage more Austs to become donors.
Intv: Ed MacLeod-Smith (son), Belinda MacLeod-Smith (wife), Mark MacLeod-Smith (donor organ recipient), Melanie Plant (sister), Helen Opdam (Donate Life)  View Clip

Nine - News (28/07/2015 18:26)
Health experts urge Vic families to consider becoming organ donors; in the past five years, donation figures have doubled.
Intv: Mark MacLeod-Smith (transplant recipient), Melanie Plant (donor's sister), Helen Opdam (Donate Life), Steven Philpot (The Alfred Hospital) View Clip

Ten - News (28/07/2015 17:38)
Donor organ levels in Australia are low, but for those who receive them, it is a new lease on life.
Intv: Mark Macleod-Smith (Transplant recipient), Harry Macleod-Smith (son), Ed Macleod-Smith (son), Melanie Plant (sister of organ donor), Dr Steve Philpot (The Alfred Hospital), Dr Helen Opdam (Donatelife Victoria). View Clip

ABC 774 Afternoon with Lindy Burn (28/07/2015 13:53:12). Listen to the Clip

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