CNicksonIconOn May 15th 2014, Chris Nickson launched the website INTENSIVE, the online education and knowledge translation resource provided by The Alfred ICU.  This is an educational website for doctors and other health professionals training in and practicing intensive care medicine.

INTENSIVE is provided by intensivists and trainees from The Alfred ICU in Melbourne, Australia. This blog publishes support materials and resources for The Alfred ICU medical education programme.

The Alfred Intensive Care Unit is committed to furthering the breadth of knowledge of its staff and health professionals working elsewhere

In the first year:

  • it had 117,994 pageviews from 159 countries (28% USA, 25% Australia, 10% UK)
  • It now has 1,695 followers on Twitter
  • 100 posts have been published, plus an additional 32 pages
  • There have been 2,219 clicks onto links to the website, with 910 to the ICU courses page

The top 10 most viewed posts so far:

1. Echo-guided bi-caval dual lumen ECMO catheter insertion (Avalon Elite®) 1,945
2. What does this monitor screen tell you about TBI? 1,341
3. VV ECMO ventilation and weaning 1,251
4. Mastering the vascath 1,118
5. The ProCESS Trial 1,064
6. Quick tips from The Alfred ICU ECMO Course 1,010
7. Critically Ill Airway Precourse Videos 941
8. Five tips for ICU delirium 922
9. Just do it! 904
10 That's a very interesting chest X-ray




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