• Yen Hing Ng, David Pilcher, Chris Bain, Chris MacManus and Tracy Bucknall  won the inaugural "Greg Barclay Award for Nursing Research" for “Predicting the need for medical emergency response in patients discharged from ICU at The Alfred Hospital


  • Andrew Udy was awarded the Senior Medical Staff Prize for Clinical Research for  "The Association Between Low Admission Peak Plasma Creatinine Concentration and In-Hospital Mortality in Patients Admitted to Intensive Care in Australia and New Zealand" co-contributors included Carlos Scheinkestel, David Pilcher,  Michael Bailey, and the Australian and New Zealand  Intensive Care Society Centre for Outcomes and Resource Evaluation.


  • Nat Adams was a winner in  the  Excellence Awards for outstanding achievement for 2015 – Individual Category -  Fostering Education. Nat is recognised for her excellence in fostering education and for her efforts above and beyond her role as Nurse Educator. Rather than waiting or direction, Nat initiates responses to resolve crises with equipment and technology to ensure seamless care of patients and solutions for staff in both the interim and long term. Nat collaborates across nursing and medicine within and external to ICU, is self-motivated and supports staff to  develop and build on their specific collective skills to lead change towards seamless patient care. Incredibly respected for her specific expertise 
    and generous with her time and patients, Nat uses her own time to construct and improved education processes and quality improvement initiatives.
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