The Intensive Care environment can be extremely stressful for patients and their relatives. The information available on this page aims to answer some of your questions and provide information about the services available for patients and visitors to the Intensive Care Unit.

In general, there are no enforced visiting hours for patients in the intensive care unit.

However, we may need to ask you to give us some time with your relative in order to do procedures and investigations.

We appreciate that waiting can be difficult and try your patience, but we will do this only when necessary.

In order to make your wait as comfortable as possible, our new reception area sits 75 people, but is designed in such a way to maintain a small group feeling, rather than a large waiting room.

There are two large televisions to distract you and we sometimes connect these to a central station and play items of interest to advise relatives of some of the things going on in the ICU.

There is a small kitchenette and toilets for your convenience.

There are also 3 medium-sized rooms and a large room for relatives to have meetings in privacy with our staff.

There are a number of iPads in the waiting room, providing you with general information as well as detailing the various procedures we commonly perform on patients in the ICU.