Bronchoscopy has important diagnostic and therapeutic roles in the critically ill. 

Bronchoscopy is a vital skill for all practitioners of critical care medicine. State of the art video bronchoscopy is used at The Alfred Hospital ICU and three bronchoscopy towers available at all times. A wide range of equipment is used ranging from fine paediatric scopes to larger wide channel bronchoscopes for specific procedures.

There is a structured training program for junior doctors wishing to learn bronchoscopy skills. Education sessions are held on a regular basis using a combination of theoretical and practical techniques which cover anatomy, ventilator management during bronchoscopy, recognition of endo-bronchial pathology and specific procedural skills for broncho-alveolar lavage, biopsies, foreign body removal and management of massive haemoptysis.

The Alfred ICU Course on Bronchscopy for Critical Care is held twice per year. This one day course, sponsored by Olympus is aimed at critical care practitioners in ICU, Emergency Departments and Anaesthesia but would benefit all clinicians who use bronchoscopy. It covers all aspects of bronchoscopy from basic anatomy to advanced procedures such as foreign body removal and bronchoscopic intubation.
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