The Victorian Adult Burns Service (VABS) at The Alfred hospital is the state-wide provider of burns care for all adults with complex major burn injuries in Victoria, as well as many people with less severe burns. Each year over 300 burns patients are admitted and over 1000 outpatients are reviewed, with about 60 patients requiring ICU.

VABS undertakes research into the causes and mechanisms of burn injuries, as well as evaluating emerging clinical treatment technologies. Current research and Quality Assurance Projects in the ICU relating to Burns patients include: Sedation and Analgesia practice, temperature control, fluid resuscitation practice, nutrition and the use of oxandrolone in severe burns.

The ICU has 5 dedicated ICU cubicles, which can be closed off and have the temperature adjusted. Further, they are designed to have 8 complete air exchanges per hour whilst maintaining the desired temperature, in order to minimise odours and improve infection control measures.

Survival calculator for patients admitted to ICU with burns injuries