The Alfred ICU Echocardiography Group is an enthusiastic group of intensivists with a common interest in echocardiography and ultrasound in ICU. The intensivists currently practising echocardiography in the department are listed in the Consultant profiles section of the website. The group has wide ranging expertise in echocardiography and ultrasound with members holding or training in qualifications including the DDU (crit. care), the Postgraduate Diploma in Peri-operative and Critical Care Echocardiography (Uni. Melbourne), the Postgraduate Certificate in Critical Care Echocardiography (Uni. Queensland) and MSc in Echocardiography (Imperial College London).


In the past year we have performed close to nine hundred critical care echocardiography examinations, of which about 25% were transoesophageal studies. We have a broad range of indications, covering our varied casemix.


As our ICU casemix includes heart and lung transplantation, complex cardiac surgery, bridge to transplantation with VAD, and VA and VV ECMO support we have developed an expertise in imaging device placement and mechanical supports as well as developing protocols for use of echocardiography in weaning from mechanical cardiac support. We also perform a large number of studies in our trauma population.