The Alfred provides Victoria’s State Service for Hyperbaric Medicine, using a large, triple compartment rectangular hyperbaric chamber facility located immediately adjacent the intensive care unit.

The Alfred Intensive Care Unit first took responsibility for providing diving and hyperbaric medicine services to Victoria in 1987 and the Service has since developed world leading hyperbaric intensive care capabilities, in addition to providing for hundreds of inpatients and outpatients with problem wounds and infections each year.

The Alfred’s Hyperbaric Service is a fully integrated Hospital service, located within the acute care zone of the hospital, above the Emergency Department and immediately adjacent the intensive care unit. The large main compartment of the chamber enables provision of hyperbaric oxygen to critically ill patients when indicated, without the patient having to be moved from their normal bed. Major trauma and orthopaedic patients can likewise be readily treated when this is useful. The facility also treats divers with decompression illness and provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a wide range of problems such as refractory wounds, infections and post radiotherapy complications.

The main hyperbaric chamber underwent a major renovation in 2011 ensuring that the Service continues to be a world leading, TGA compliant, state of the art facility. This was further augmented in 2014 with two monoplace chambers co-located in a dedicated facility.


The hyperbaric team is led by Dr. Andrew Fock, Head of Hyperbaric Service, and Amanda Burvill, Acting Clinical Unit Manager.

There are 4 Hyperbaric Specialists: Drs. Andrew Fock, Ian Millar, Wei Ch'ng and Geoff Frawley.

The Hyperbaric Service has one dedicated registrar, supported by Intensive Care registrar rotations and deployments as service needs require.

There are 3 full-time Hyperbaric Technicians: Theo Tsouras, Andrew Smale, and Lester Smith, aided by two casual technicians, Michael Crabb and Paul Axton. 



Referrals to the hyperbaric service can be made by specialists or general practitioners.
Contact details:
Ph 03 9076 2269
Fax 03 9076 3052

Urgent referrals may be made direct to the hyperbaric registrar or consultant on call via The Alfred’s switch: 03 9076 2000





Hyperbaric Oxygen in Lower Limb Trauma (HOLLT) : HOLLT is an international multi-centred, randomised controlled trial which aims to assess the benefits of providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) during the acute stages of management of severe lower leg injuries, as an adjunct to normal trauma care. Read More

Hyperbaric Treatment table