The Alfred Hospital Trauma Registry (ATR) is a trauma epidemiology, injury surveillance and performance-monitoring program that is pivotal to the monitoring of the Victorian State Trauma System (VSTS) and The Alfred’s Trauma Services.  Over the last nine years this program has developed to one that is now the Australasian leader for trauma registry programs.

THE ATR uses a fully integrated TraumaNet system that performs different functions that allow for system monitoring for clinical care, education, audit and research in real-time, which assist us in optimizing patient treatment.

The principle aim of the ATR is to enable the Alfred to keep pace with the data load and be able to meet our key deliverables providing trauma system monitoring data to the State Trauma Registry.

Current Key Deliverable

  1. Delivery of VSTS monitoring data to VSTORM quarterly reporting
  2. Provision of trauma activity data to Alfred Health
  3. Quality improvement and local trauma system monitoring and reporting
  4. Participation in case mix coding audits and support for case mix coding
  5. Maintenance of TraumaNet clinical information system and use access
  6. Provision of trauma data to researchers

The ATR staff include:  Trauma Program Manager, Trauma Registry Nurse and Trauma Health Information Manager who are located on the 4th floor of the Burnett Building (NTRI).  For further information on any aspects of the ATR, enquiries can be made to the Trauma Program Manager – Louise Niggemeyer  & Catherine Birch, Trauma Registry via Alfred Hospital switchboard.